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Mp3 to read tape on the method, if you no equipment, or find trouble (conversion process is relatively long), but wants to get through this method they want to mp3 file.Then you can contact us, we matter to your agent, so we switch you finished, and then to the MP3 files you!

Our services :
1, tape to mp3 services;
2, dividing or synthetic audio and video services;
3, CD burners, tape change discs achieve the purpose.

Service charges :
1, conversion services : 1 dollar / tape,
2, the paper division : 0.1 dollar / components (For Lane tapes of songs divided into separate document)
3, CD-ROM production : 1 dollar / ordinary CD; 3.5 dollar / DVD (For caused CD store)

Pledge :
1, service, not injury tape, after their conversion back to you.
2, as individuals or enterprises tape people can enjoy privacy, and we completely confidential for you, the signing of a contract;

Mode :
Telephone contact >> mailed tape >> finished >> back into business (such as burn-express to you)
Note : If you were in the Chaoshan area, we can take home tapes received.

Contact us :
+86075488734918 or +8613715996195 Mr.Wang

Wang Shoubo04 DAM Shantou University Guangdong China
Zip code : 515063 QQ : 472991002
Bank account number : 6222022003000007890
Bank accounts : China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Shantou University
Accounts : Wang Shoubo please remittances account or immediately after, and we have made contact by phone.

A : Converting the paper quality audio-visual :
Transforming the Chinese oldies fragment
conversion of English songs fragment